Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia

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Having created some of the only resources around pregnancy and fibromyalgia, I am so proud to have helped to close an information void. In 2013 I found myself pregnant with no idea how I was going to cope. My doctors knew very little. I was too miserable, exhausted and sore to figure out how to find the (minimal) information to help me cope. All of my resources are created to help you get the information you need, fast, and to enact it to have the best pregnancy you can have.

Free Micro Course

MicroCourse Pregnancy&Fibromyalgia

My free Microcourse –Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia: Arm Yourself with Knowledge, this is four lessons about pregnancy, nursing and parenting with fibromyalgia from part of the first module of the full eCourse. Simply sign up to my newsletter list and this is one of many free resources you will gain access to.

Some Popular Articles I’ve Written about Pregnancy, Parenting and Fibromyalgia (chronic pain, chronic fatigue)

For all of the articles I have written see the categories box and choose “pregnancy and fibromyalgia” or “parenting and fibromyalgia”.

tips for coping with a newborn and fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue

Nursing with Fibromyalgia: A Giant Roundup

pumping or expressing for your baby
Pumping/Expressing for your Baby
21 tips for coping with a toddler fibromyalgia or not
Coping with a Toddler (Fibro or not!)

Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Diaries

Pregnancy Diaries from Baby Number Two in 2016 and Baby Number Three in 2018

For all of my pregnancy diaries use the category bar and choose “pregnancy diaries”.

My book! One of only two on Amazon and Goodreads!

If you would like the shortcut through all of my blog archives and pregnancy diaries with tips of fertility, pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and the early years of parenting with chronic pain and fatigue, this book will give you that!

definitive edition pregnancy and fibro
Available on Amazon

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The Facebook group

Where we chat through trying to conceive, pregnancy, nursing and early parenting with Fibromyalgia together.

facebook group

My full eCourse

Pregnancy and fibromyalgia the e course

Take my shortcut – don’t waste your precious energy on doing the information gathering, it’s all right here for you. Learn how to rest well during pregnancy. Make a pain management plan. Think ahead to how you will cope during the third trimester, delivery and those early months. Learn all you can to prepare yourself for nursing.

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