FREE Yoga for Fibromyalgia Classes

yoga for fibromyalgia classes library
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free yoga for fibromyalgia library of classes

It is my passion to share the tools yoga offers in helping us to manage our symptoms, activate the parasympathetic nervous system and enjoy movement again with you.

Here are some of my classes designed especially for people with fibromyalgia/chronic pain/chronic fatigue.

Yoga Nidra for Profound Rest 10 minutes

This is my favourite tool for chronic pain, chronic fatigue, flares and more.

What else is on the following pages? Gentle Beginner for Fibromyalgia Class, Yoga for a Neck Headache, Calming Breathing Practice, Restorative Class and more.

Brief Seated Stretch and Breathe – Chair Yoga

Restful Yoga Break – 15 minutes to melt

Take this wonderfully relaxing break today.