Book Goodie Bag

Welcome to the book goodie bag!! Thank you so much for purchasing my book and supporting me and this work. 

The below goodies are resources to further support you in your journey.

Grab your free Yoga Nidra download here and use it regularly!

This is first because this is what I recommend everyone try first. Why? Because profound rest is vital for us. Plus what better homework than to do NOTHING. You deserve to find some peaceful rest. 

Grab your free printables to help you in your journey here. 

This is your giant list of fibromyalgia treatments. 

Sign up for your four free gentle yoga tools here.

Download your free body scan meditation for us anywhere, anytime here.

Challenge Planner

Download and print your challenge tracker. I recently used this for a month long challenge to walk 7000 steps a day. You could use it for almost any goal you like. Small, simple sustainable goals are easier to manage. 

Fighting Fibromyalgia Checklist 2022

Download, print and start checking off this to do list. 

Want personal to join the supportive team?

If you would like to join a relaxed but supportive team, get extra access to Melissa’s resources (including yoga and meditation), then come and join the exclusive members’ group. This is a pay what you can, join when you can support team. 

Other Resources

Guidance to use the priciples of pacing in your day
The easy way to start tracking symptoms