Fitbit Charge 6 Review: I Think It’s My Favourite Yet

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I’ve used a Fitbit for several years now. From the most basic that shows steps by dots, to my beloved Fitbit Versa.

trying the fitbit charge 6

When my Versa band broke in such a way that another couldn’t be attached, I was disappointed. But excited to try out a new one.

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After a lot of research I chose the Fitbit Charge 6

Check out the Fitbit Charge 6 here.

The sensitive heart rate monitor is what made me choose it over the other options. Though it was also the highest rated on the retailer through whom I purchased it.

The information about the Fitbit Charge 6 says its, “Our most accurate heart rate on a tracker yet.”

As someone who’s using my heart rate to manage orthostatic intolerance bordering on POTS, and as part of my pacing, this is important.

The information also says, “Fitbit uses machine-learning to give you an even more precise read on key metrics like calories burned, sleep, Active Zone Minutes and your Daily Readiness Score.”

The Daily Readiness Score is only available to Fitbit premium members. But I would like to try it for a while.

Handy Features

It does the usual

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Fitness zones
  • Active minutes

It also includes connectivity to exercise machines, YouTube, Google Wallet and Google Maps.

The battery life is meant to be impressive, Up to seven day battery life. I’m always on a quest for better battery life with devices.

the fitbit charge 6

The Metrics for Managing Health

The sleep metrics are also important to me. Using my Fitbit as a tool, I’ve improved my sleep tremendously. Basic sleep hygiene, low dose Naltrexone, calming my nervous system, pacing and quetiapine are my main levers. But the Fitbit allows me to put in minimal effort to track progress.

I can tell if I haven’t had enough deep sleep before checking. But the Fitbit readings can encourage me on the quality of my sleep, even if I’m not feeling well slept.

Somewhere across the morning I check in to see how much sleep I got and how much deep and REM sleep I managed. Consider what I did well or wrong and carry on.

Tracking my heart rate is something I’ve done for a while but it didn’t become a necessity until after my operation last year and during the hot summer months. My heart rate spikes in the heat, when my body is challenged (like after a major operation) and during viral infections. I’ve had to get used to being mindful of it.

Using the graphs that the Fitbit collates across the day, weeks, months and years, I am able to use this data to share with doctors as needed.

The high and low heart rate notifications are helpful for me. However, my heart rate affects my symptoms before it reaches the level at which it generates a notification. So I can’t entirely rely on this. Knowing my resting heart rate and when my heart rate is tracking high is really helpful. The distance between the two figures helps me make smart choices. I’m just starting to tap into my zones to help manage fatigue better.

See more about using my Fitbit for Managing My Health here

Daily Readiness Score (for premium/paid members only)

I was very curious to use the Daily Readiness Score as a friend of mine said she uses a similar feature with her Apple watch and it’s helping her to manage her energy better. It checks your previous activity, sleep and heart rate variability to help you make informed choices about your focus for the day (rest vs activity).

Because of my heart rate issues, there are times when my Fitbit thinks I’m in the moderate and high intensity zones and I’m not doing any intentional movement. So it may be skewed. Another area that may skew it is the fact that the quantity of time asleep is 50% of the sleep score, which is a third of the Daily Readiness Score. Quantity is great, but quality should be the higher factor. I’d rather have seven great quality hours of sleep than eight poor quality.

The first day it said I was “good” meaning I should do my regular exercise levels, nothing intense. On the second day it said I was “excellent” and should push the intensity in my exercise – when I felt smashed. The morning was rushed and my sacroiliac joint needed a very big adjustment at the chiropractor to stop me limping. It may adjust as it does say it takes some time to become more accurate.

Premium Library of Resources

While I’m a premium member, I’m working through the library of resources. There are workouts of varying kinds and meditations. I’ve used used it to try adding short meditations/breathing practices to my morning. I could easily do this myself or using the free app Insight Timer, so it’s just a bonus I’m exploring.

fitbit charge 6 for fibromyalgia

One issue

I wanted to use the ECG sensor to tell me when I was experiencing heart rate irregularities, but I couldn’t set it up. It appears super simple. But there are several chats in the community section about how it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. One chat shows they had tried several fixes and the customer service rep had escalated it, but no resolution had yet been found. Note: I finally managed to make it work, just magically the next time I went in.


Size, design and colour also played a factor for me. I’m not a large person, so I don’t appreciate chunky jewelry. So the trim nature appealed. The colour, while not pink, is pretty (and close enough). Given I wear it daily, I think it merited consideration.

The display is attractive and functional. The time is prominent and I like having the heart rate above and steps below.

Overall thoughts on Fitbit Charge 6

It does the job. No better or worse than my Fitbit Versa. All things equal I would choose this one over the Versa for the sensitivity in the heart rate monitor and because it’s smaller. I utilise the main features the most so I’m unlikely to pay to continue the use of Fitbit Premium when my trial is up. I will report back on the daily readiness score.

Check it out here.

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