Fibro Parents Survey Results & Big News about Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia Book

As I have indicated earlier, I didn’t quite feel like I had finished with the release of my book Fibro Mama Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia. There were some chapters missing. So I did some research and added a few extra chapters like Pain Management for Fibromyalgia in Pregnancy, Fertility and Fibromyalgia and Labour and Fibromyalgia. I also felt like we needed to hear from other parents who have done this journey, so I created a second survey Fibro Parents Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia Survey 2018.
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I sent it out to my social media networks and received 20 amazing responses. Here is a summary (the rest is included in the updated edition of Fibro Mama Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia, more information about that below).


100% of respondents had Fibromyalgia. 70% found their pain worse during pregnancy. 35% took no medication during pregnancy, 25% took paracetamol/acetaminophen, 20% took medicines not directly related to Fibromyalgia, 10% took Gabapentin, 5% took an antidepressant and 5% took anti nausea medicine.
The most popular natural pain relief mechanism was heat: warm showers/baths and heat packs, with rest a close second. Epsom salts, chiropractic care, massage, ice pack and essential oils all received mentions too.
Now we got some amazing advice from these fibro parents, I include most of them in the book and three below:

Caroline’s advice

How did you manage your pain/fatigue during pregnancy?
Showers, massage, physical therapy, rest
How did you manage in those early weeks with baby?
Lots of help, showers
Do you have any advice for other fibro parents about parenting with fibromyalgia?
Pay attention to the weather as it greatly affects fibro. Watch your diet, plan your days according to the weather, how much sleep you got, and what you eat. Nap at least once a day with your little ones.

Elizabeth’s advice

How did you manage your pain/fatigue during pregnancy?
I survived 3 pregnancies through pure determination, lots of essential oils, rest and help from friends and family. Finding a good doctor that understands that a chronic pain body’s endorphins do not actually help with the pain is paramount. (This can be frustrating and difficult). Make sure you don’t give into your cravings because often they will make your fibro flare.
How did you manage in those early weeks with baby?
Casseroles and family. Accept all the help that is offered and if you need more, ask! Most people don’t want to step on toes but are more than happy to help, especially if there’s a new baby. 🙂 It’s ok if your house isn’t spick and span. If the laundry is washed, that can be good enough. Use paper plates to cut down on dishes. Be nice to yourself!! Cut yourself extra slack.
Do you have any advice for other fibro parents about parenting with fibromyalgia?
Teach your children to be super helpers!

Hannah’s advice

How did you manage your pain/fatigue during pregnancy?
Chiropractor, massage, acupuncture, and sleep/rest
How did you manage in those early weeks with baby?
Lots of help from family and husband, found breastfeeding very tiring and strain on neck and back so had to use support aids or lay in bed to feed. Naps when baby napped were crucial. Treated myself to dark chocolate or some snack as often as possible while feeding baby so I was doing self-care. Gentle walks and yoga were good too.
Do you have any advice for other fibro parents about parenting with fibromyalgia?
You can’t pour from an empty cup but with fibromyalgia you almost always feel empty, but you can do this. Remember self-care is taking care of your baby in long run and that you know what works and is right for you so please take all advice on board but don’t think it’s the law and has to be used. Also mother groups it’s okay to not like them I hated them or didn’t find the right mums doesn’t mean you’re alone though we fibromyalgia are probably all just online so talk to us! I also think this time round I’m writing a list of helpful jobs people can do for me with as I found it difficult asking for help and people may not know what to offer and you might be so tired in pain you can’t properly communicate. So I’m hoping just having a help task list might be a good compromise. It also something my husband a toddler can learn to look at together on weekends maybe.
I can’t thank the people who took the time to respond to the survey enough for their time and answers.

Big Announcement

definitive edition pregnancy and fibro.png
It’s time to announce that my extended edition of Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia is now live! It includes everything from before (with extra content) plus the additional THREE chapters (one of these is a big chapter on pain management) and the results of this survey with the case studies from other fibro parents. I have also added to the list of natural pain relief mechanisms significantly. You can head on over to Amazon and order it now! For this week it will be on special (it depends on your currency, so head on over to check out the price for where you are). From April 7 the new price come into effect.
There, I feel content. If I never write another word about pregnancy and Fibromyalgia again, I feel satisfied I have told you all I can.


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