Pacing, Productivity and Fibromyalgia -What You Need to Know

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I’ve been sharing about pacing, productivity and fibromyalgia for a while now. This post will give you a round up of my recent resources on how to get the things done, while adhering to pacing principles.

If you follow each one, one at a time, then it’s basically a course for pacing, productivity and fibromyalgia. Bookmark this page, watch the video, take notes, IMPLEMENT some ideas and come back for more.

pacing, productivity and fibromyalgia

These are the systems for how I manage chronic insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, four small children, writing books, managing this blog and working part-time!

The Productivity Hack You Need with Fibromyalgia

This video is all about the concept of micro tasking and how it can help you get the things done. This is how I have written three books, manage this blog, have four small children and manage fibromyalgia as well as possible.

Paced Planning Tutorial – How to Plan Your Day Using Pacing Principles

In this video I share all about how to plan your day for extra energy. I give you a tutorial on HOW to do it and share my process. There is an accompanying blog post here.

Accessible productivity for fibromyalgia

In this video I discuss the “justs” of common productivity, how rest is more efficient than getting up early, and what I do to manage as a mama of four with chronic illness.

My Secret Weapon – The Thing I NEED for my Pacing and Productivity to Work

People who have been around here a while will know what is coming. Yoga Nidra guided meditation is my full stop, total rest break that I take daily. It is profoundly restful and the only way I can manage through insomnia, poor sleep quality and chronic fatigue.

You can learn more about yoga nidra in this post all about it.

The concept underpinning it all – Pacing

This probably should have been first, and if this were a course, it would be what you start with. But this is something you need to watch, take notes, implement a few things here and there and come back to it again. I have a full, free pacing training available here.

Pacing, Productivity and Fibromyalgia Summary

As you can probably tell, this is my jam. I have been creating resources (and perfecting them) for a long time now. If you use these resources, they will help you.

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