How to Manage Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Fibromyalgia

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023 by melissanreynolds

Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be tricky dealing with the early symptoms. Adding the fibromyalgia complexity makes it just a bit more difficult.

I have experienced four pregnancies now and have compiled a few tips and tricks that I can share with you for managing early pregnancy symptoms.

managing early pregnancy symptoms with chronic pain and fatigue. pregnancy test image

Here’s my tips for managing pregnancy symptoms with Fibromyalgia/chronic pain/chronic fatigue:

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Manage your “normal” human stuff first

(Don’t forget I literally wrote the book on Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia)

Specific for morning sickness

If it’s bad, as in you’re not keeping water or food down, seek medical attention. Hydration is crucial, as is nutrients for your developing baby.

There are a couple more options that I used that you need to do your own research on – essential oils.

Here’s two starter articles for you:

Using Essential Oils Safetly for Pregnancy and Nursing Mamas

I used lavender for pain and peppermint for nausea and headaches. See here for my post about my journey into using Essential Oils.

managing early pregnancy symptoms with chronic pain and fatigue picture of pregnancy test

Managing fatigue 

For me, fatigue is the big issue to manage. My fatigue levels can cause nausea and orthostatic intolerance even without morning sickness.

Really prioritise sleep and rest! After the children are in bed I found lying down to read (with my knees up to rest my low back) really helpful. Even if insomnia is plaguing you, resting helps. Try a meditation.

Yoga Nidra is my secret sauce, the only way I can get profound rest. Especially when you only have a set amount of time (like a lunch break or a toddler napping).

If increased pain hits you in pregnancy you might like to try these

  • Stretching – cat and cow pose, child’s pose, forward bend, hip flexor stretches, low back stretches etc.
  • Keep exercising gently
  • Warm baths and showers
  • Arnica pain cream
  • Physiotherapy/massage/osteopathy etc.

Check out my Favourite Five Pain Management Mechanisms Pregnant or Not post here

You might also like my Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia Resources page.

pregnancy and fibromyalgia book

If you’re trying to head off pelvis issues like me, here’s what I’m doing (my physiotherapist taught me how to do these appropriately)

  • Knee presses
  • Mini squats
  • Calf lifts
  • Pelvic floor, stomach engaged pelvic tilts
  • Superman pose

Please remember that this is a finite time and you’ll soon be thinking on other things, namely your fast growing passenger.

So what to do?

Pick one or two of the things I have suggested here and consider enacting them today. Tell us, what helps you?