February Update: Blogging, Health, Babies and more

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Last Updated on March 1, 2021 by melissanreynolds

February was exciting and tiring – here is my update. It was a time of waiting and starting and getting things done.

We started the new school year and so the relentless morning and afternoon routines began again. Made even more challenging by being in my third trimester, with pelvis issues and replenishing iron levels which had bottomed out. Speaking of bottoms, that’s where the iron injections had to go. Ouch!

February update: blogging, reading, babies and sourdough

New Zealand ended up in lockdown again in the the middle of February, with three small children and heavily pregnant it wasn’t fun, but we made the most of it. I am just so thankful we have managed to work hard and keep Covid low in our country.

In this post I share about how blogging, health, books, sourdough success, babies (and preparation for the new baby) and more.

February Update

Sour dough bread perfection and my starter

I created a sourdough starter and actually ended up with a thriving, robust one. I used it to make many sourdough loaves. I think sourdough was my “nesting” – it is perfect for the mama who can’t stand for too long. I will be sharing about my adventures in creating it very soon.

One of my earliest sourdough loaves

This blog

I put the finishing touches on this blog – it is so exciting to have it up and running! It’s been a quiet dream in my head for a while now.

New posts: The special valentines day/anniversary/birthday gift guide for busy mamas and How Yoga Nidra Can Help You Manage All the Things.

We launched the 10 minutes a day yoga self-care challenge and had six people join which was very exciting. You can join us here. It is an eight day challenge, with two days for each challenge (so you can experience the benefits) with four 10 minute yoga classes that can help you rest, relax and recharge.

What I read

Reading is one of my self-care habits that I indulge regularly.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo (2019)
This was a recommendation from a reading friend and despite it being YA (young adult) fiction, I really enjoyed it. Emoni has a lot going on with senior year, work, a new boy at school and her baby girl. It is a great example of a hardworking young woman who works hard despite the hand that was dealt her. It took me some time to sink into the story with the street language but it was a lovely, quick read.

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin (2015)
Having read The Happiness Project last month, I am now re-reading Rubin’s catalogue. I love her blend of anecdote, personal experience and extensive research. As a Questioner, this appeals to me. As a person interested in self-care and creating habits around self-care to make them non-negotiable it is a subject close to my heart.

The Mystery Woman by Belinda Alexandra (2020)
I love Belinda Alexandra. I read all of her books and own many of them to re-read regularly. This is not quite the same as her others, but still intriguing. Rebecca is a sophisticated, independent woman in Australia in the 1950s and this does not sit well with most people in the small town she hides in after a public scandal.

Tell me in the comments: What have you been reading?

My Self-Care

Trying to do less was challenging but I mostly managed it. My Yoga Nidra became even more vital than before as we negotiated weeks 32-35 of pregnancy, decreasing sleep quality, increasing pelvis pain, loads of Braxton hicks contractions and the other delights of late pregnancy.

Yoga Nidra is one of the classes you get in the free 10 minutes a day self-care challenge!

One small thing

Healthy eating can be challenging, especially when we are distracted with lockdowns, small children at home and being heavily pregnant. So I committed to one small thing – I ordered frozen blueberries with the shopping. Just for myself. I will put them in my Greek yoghurt parfaits, porridge and anything else that helps me add those good for you berries to my day.

February update, blogging reading baby prep sourdough success

Chair Yoga Certification

I finally completed my chair yoga certification! This was super exciting. There were about seven lessons to complete and I hadn’t worked through it due to the overwhelm of becoming pregnant during 2020 (Covid central) and managing three small kids in and out of lockdown while working part-time and managing an existing blog.

This is something that will certainly help me as I regain mobility from the pelvis issues postpartum and I will be incorporating into my accessible yoga classes.

Baby preparation

Given this is our fourth baby and we had given almost all of our baby stuff away, we were lucky to receive almost everything we need back from family and friends.

I did have the best fun choosing my Boba wrap (essential for me with multiple children), grabbing a Hakkaa silicone pump and a baby nail file set.

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One of the first things I knew I needed when I found out I was having baby number four was a Boba wrap for hands free life.

My Boba was a lifesaver with my third. I soon learnt that getting baby to sleep in his bassinet on some kind of rhythm (baby wake times for age) was not happening with a curious two-year-old following me and making a lot of noise. So into the Boba he went, and that is where he spent most of his first few months. We transitioned naps one by one and it was way easier than the nap fight earlier on.


I also needed a haakaa milk catcher because I am all or nothing – I haven’t pumped since my second baby because it is far too many things to juggle with multiple children. The breast milk catchers, also by haakaa caught my eye but I ultimately decided against them.

The haakaa is so great because it catches letdown on one side when you are feeding from the other. It is also a great backup when you get caught full (baby sleeps too long or you’re out).

Nail file set

Haakaa also do this great electronic nail file set specifically for babies that I am trying out this time. Because it is scary taking clippers to a tiny baby finger.

Ending the month with an eye firmly on the end of this pregnancy and getting to hold my (fourth!) baby boy in my arms.

Tell me, how was your month?

february update lockdowns, preparing for fourth baby, sourdough success, blogging progress and more

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