The Best Christmas Gift Guide for Exhausted Mamas 2023

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Last Updated on September 3, 2023 by melissanreynolds

It feels like Christmas has crept up faster this year. This Christmas gift guide for exhausted mamas is designed to help you with ideas for some of the people on your gift list and also give you an easy way to craft your own wish list.

How do you get your Christmas to do list under control when you’re already exhausted (and just waiting for a holiday – wait, do we get one as mamas? No?!)

This list includes higher end, lower end, ideas for secret Santas and for kiddos. Though, this is more about you than them, so there are only a couple of those ideas.

My Three Tips for You to Get Your Christmas Gift To Dos Under Control

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Use the magic of online shopping
  3. Remember to take some time for self-care at this busy time

The Christmas Gift Guide

Back Massager

Who doesn’t love a good massage? But who can afford to go as often as they’d like? This is one you can use sitting in your comfortable chair while watching Rookie (or whatever your current favourite show is).

Hot Air Brush

The gift of looking somewhat put together in less time. I don’t usually go for things like these, I have rather thick hair and limited time. But this is on my list.

Electric Heating Pad

Do you end the day with aches and pains in your neck, shoulders and/or back? This heating pad is just the ticket. Combine it with a Yoga Nidra practice right after work or the kids are in bed and it’s gold.

Ways to Read

I’m an avid reader and usually prefer physical books. Reading right before bed is part of my wind down routine. But with the baby in our room I can’t have a lamp on. So I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Lite to read (I also used it for some online professional development courses).

Amazon Unlimited Kindle Plan

If your giftee, or you, have the device, then why not an unlimited Kindle plan to go with it? The gift that continues giving!

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Homemade Gifts

This one allows for a smaller budget and more personalisation. You could make any number of homemade gifts if you have the time or inclination:

  • Soap
  • Plant some herb seeds, nurture them and give the small plants
  • Essential oil combinations for skin or body
  • Hot chocolate or cookie mix
  • Knit or crochet something if you know how
  • Baking of any description
  • Small box or bag of goodies
  • Photobook
  • Personalised cup


I have a thing for journaling practices. There have been seasons where I’ve used reading journals, plain journals, guided ones, gratitude ones and more. There is something for every type of person. These can be great if you end up in a few of those under $20 secret Santa games at parties and then you get people you don’t know that well.

A Fitbit

My Fitbit has been the best (it was a gift from my husband two birthdays ago). It helps me track sleep, steps, heart rate and much more. I also now have the time (I am not a watch wearer). If you want to work on your health a little more in 2023, I recommend putting this on your list.

Fitbit versa 3


Games are a family friendly idea and great for the school holidays and keeping older kids busy in the early evening.

We have enjoyed our eight-year-old being old enough for many games we played as children. Super charged tip here: Whenever they are on special, grab a couple, they are great to have in the cupboard for last minute kids birthday gifts.

Ideas (there are way too many to list):

  • Monopoly
  • Risk
  • Cluedo
  • Battle ship
  • Uno
  • Scrabble Junior

Gift Boxes

The sky is the limit as far as ideas for this. There are reading boxes, self-care boxes, date boxes, specific hobby boxes and much more. Educational boxes are a favourite for the littler ones on your list. What you have available will depend on your area.


Have a think about your giftee, or your own, hobbies and see what ideas you can come up with.

As a busy mama with four small children, I love Christian devotionals and colouring. This is not something I have much time to sit down and do alone. But I have been doing it alongside the children as they colour. It’s a win-win. My eight year old loves it when I let him use my special pencils and colouring pens. It’s a nice mama-kid date idea.

So this was your Christmas gift guide with more than 20 ideas for you. What would you add to the list?

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