The Best Way to Plan Your Day Using Pacing Principles

plan your day using pacing principles
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Last Updated on June 21, 2022 by melissanreynolds

In this video I share the best way to plan your day using pacing principles. By using the principles of pacing we can work with what we have better and even create more energy in doing so.

Pacing is a crucial concept for living well with chronic pain and fatigue. By living in a manner congruent with our energy and pain levels, we make our experience better and can even improve our quality of life.

plan your day using pacing principles

To help you be able to utilise this tutorial properly, I have an entire free pacing training here.

Key points of using pacing principles in your day plans

  1. Know your energy envelope – check your symptom rating and know your daily hours available. Know when the best time to allot high or low energy tasks are.
  2. Set your bookends and non-negotiables.
  3. Add in a reasonable number of additional tasks you would like to achieve.
  4. Ensure your rest break is factored in somewhere. Rest is vital for good pacing.
  5. Don’t feel guilt when you need to slide a task off this day and onto tomorrow. Be flexible.
  6. Take help – as I said when I talked about my paced cleaning plan, if I don’t manage to get through the room I have planned for the day, I ask for help from my husband and children. Do what you can.
  7. Micro task – break it right down. If you are working on a five minute work – 20 minute rest ratio right now, honor that. We want to leave the boom-bust cycle behind.

This video shares how to use the concepts of paced planning to make your day easier to manage.

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If you want to get your hands on My Paced Planning Journal you can do so here.

If you missed my pacing training, you can catch that here. It will share all of the details of how and why to pace – including concrete examples of the ways I use the principles of pacing in my life.

plan your day using pacing principles

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