15 Quick, Easy Ways to Calm Your Mind When Overwhelmed (Free Download)

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Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by melissanreynolds

Do you need quick, easy ways to calm your mind for every day use? In the midst of feeling overwhelmed by All The Things here are some simple, quick things you can do. With a download so that you can keep them handy for when they are needed.

As busy mamas with work, children, health, partners, houses, pets, parents, friends and more it is easy to become overwhelmed. By taking a few quick easy calming breaks in your day, you can reduce the stress.

15 quick easy ways to calm your mind

Any of these would make a great addition to your daily self-care plan. We don’t need exposition about the benefits of self-care – I have a whole post on that here, including how to make your daily plan and 25+ ideas for your list.

In summary by including self-care in your day, you will likely increase your enjoyment of life, experience better health, be more productive, spend less money on your health and live longer.

Why wouldn’t you want to, especially if it’s easy?

15 Quick, Easy Ways to Calm Your Mind When Overwhelmed

  • Drink a cuppa mindfully (pay attention to each part of the process of creating and drinking it)
  • Breathe
  • Sit outside for a few minutes
  • Gentle yoga – this is a gentle, beginner class from my YouTube channel
  • Legs up the wall pose
  • Journal – free writing or using a preset one
  • Listen to music – something that perks you up
  • A restorative yoga pose such as Supported Child’s Pose
  • Lavender essential oil (diffuse, roll on your wrists or smell)
  • Colouring
  • Practice present moment awareness – focus on your body, your immediate vicinity, further – notice it all
  • Warm bath or shower
  • Meditate – this is my favourite meditation ever that I use every day as profound rest (I write about it here)
  • Speak to someone you trust/love
  • Repeat an affirmation, verse or poem that brings you peace

For four easy yoga tools you can practice in just 10 minutes sign up for the 10 minutes a day self-care challenge here. It’s free and takes just 10 minutes a day!

For more about yoga as self-care, check out this post.

Would you like this quick list to download and refer back to?

Tell us in the comments- are you going to try any of these today??

15 quick easy ways to calm your mind when you're feeling overwhelmed
Calm your mind, 15 easy ways to calm your mind when overwhelmed

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