How I’m Moving While Pregnant with Fibromyalgia Despite Symphysis Pubis Disorder

Movement, or gentle exercise, is an often recommended intervention for Fibromyalgia. If you’ve followed my writing for any amount of time you might have picked up on my love of yoga.

A lot of yoga is off the table while I can’t move my legs wider than hip width apart. Most exercise is off the table due to the level of pain. Why can’t I move my legs wider than hip width and why are my pain levels so high?

how i'm moving while pregnant with fibromyalgia despite symphysis pubis disorder

Symphysis Pubis Disorder

Symphysis Pubis Disorder, or pelvic girdle pain, is a condition where the pelvis relaxes too far causing pain ranging from mild to severe. There’s a lot more detail in this article.

This article goes into good detail about symptoms, how you can help yourself and even how it may affect labour.

During my second pregnancy I endured severe pain in the third trimester which went undiagnosed until a couple of days postpartum. It usually clears up by 12 weeks postpartum, but it took me nine months for the pain to reduce. It can take up to two years.

For this pregnancy, when the pain began at week 10, I knew what to do:

  • Kept my legs hip width apart with movement
  • Rested (paced)
  • Applied my heat pack
  • Rub my essential oil pain cream (this is something you need to research- see my post on essential oils here)
  • Did pelvic tilts
  • Used the pelvic support band when needed
  • Saw my physio who gave me an isometric strengthening move (a squat with legs at hip width that focuses on engaging belly, glutes, legs and pelvic floor) to do multiple times a day
  • Asked my midwife for referral to the hospital for specialist input

For my Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Diaries 2018 see my YouTube channel. I discuss the SPD and more.

Here’s my video on how I’m moving despite the SPD:

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Meanwhile, here are the stretches I’ve been managing:

Please do Google these for proper form and if you have never done yoga before, ask a practitioner to teach you the right way to do the poses.

  • Pelvic tilts/cat and cow pose
  • Puppy pose
  • Child’s pose
  • Mountain pose
  • Forward bend
  • Neck stretches
  • Shoulder stretches
  • Down dog

I haven’t done much other exercise as the incidental walking with work and the children is my maximum capacity physically for now.

Hopefully something here helps you but please do clear everything with a physical therapist as you need to be sure you’re moving correctly so as to not cause extra pain or damage.

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Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Vlog Week 24, Viability!

Welcome to my pregnancy with Fibromyalgia vlog series, this is week 24!

As a third time mama doing pregnancy with fibromyalgia I have been sharing my journey in case it helps you.

When I was pregnant for the first time in 2013, I would have loved to hear another mamas experience, read a book or take a course to help me cope.

In the absence of these things, I created my own.

Please note that some of my links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Week 24 Video

It is so exciting to achieve week 24, as this is the point where the hospitals consider baby “viable” if something were to happen and they came early. Certainly as week 24 has continued I am noticeably less worried and now focusing on my affirmations for birth.

As I note in the video, I have created some birth affirmation cards, but I will not Set of four affirmations for Fibromyalgia meditation digital downloadput these in my Etsy store as they are very personalised. I do have these general Fibromyalgia affirmation cards for use in meditation though.

I have been struggling with the lack of mobility and ability to achieve much, despite the Fibromyalgia, I have always been busy and trying to do all the things. So it’s a lesson in patience, particularly with myself.

In the beginning I make it clear that my story is not going to be the same as everyone’s Printable graphic by the subject ldnand even this pregnancy is different than my other two due to Low Dose Naltrexone. It is helping me sleep, even though it is still very broken by pain and bathroom stops, it is still better than before. If you want to purchase my mini eBook, which includes research, my experience, some information about LDN and pregnancy and my one year update, find it here.

I also mentioned my book Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia, available now.

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Pregnancy with Fibromyalgia Week Twenty Four, What's It Really LIke Being Pregnant with Fibromyalgia?

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