4 Simple Self-Care Tips For Extra Busy Moms

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What are four simple (but not easy) self-care tips for extra busy moms?

Finding time to invest in self-care can be challenging, especially when you are an extra busy mom. When your days are spent bouncing between work, kids, family and social commitments, there can be little time left to catch your breath. Let alone take time to care for your physical, mental and emotional health.

4 self-care tips for extra busy moms

If you are struggling to find time left for self-care, try these four tips to incorporate good self-care habits in your routine.

Establish a morning routine

Starting the day right is a good way to ensure your mental and physical health is maintained. I know, this could feel impossible when you are exhausted from not enough sleep, there are kiddos to manage and the day to get on with. Simple ideas might include a healthy breakfast, a couple of stretches, one deep breath, or meditation.

Figure out what works for you and implement it daily. Over time this will become a habit, helping you to take some time for self-care every day.

Choose one of these pretty journals and combine two of the most powerful morning practices you could add; yoga practice and journaling.

Schedule time off

It can be easy to find yourself in a cycle of continuous activity, moving from one activity to the next until it seems you are just going through the motions. Make sure you don’t get lost in the chaos by scheduling some time off. It might be an afternoon away from your normal routine, or something more extravagant like a weekend away or vacation. Whatever you choose, taking a break will allow you to relax and rejuvenate.

Get enough sleep

It can be easy to prioritise other commitments over sleep, but the importance of sleep should not be underrated. Getting good quality sleep allows your body to heal and re-energise, helping you to perform in all areas of your life. It can also be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle without proper sleep as we tend to make bad diet choices and avoid exercise when we are sleep deprived. Sleep is critical for physical and mental health, which is why it should be made a priority regardless of how busy you are.

Go to bed earlier, even if that means giving up Netflix time. It would be more efficient to do a Yoga Nidra guided meditation right before bed.

Want help with all of the first three self-care tips for extra busy moms? This free challenge will help!

Set realistic goals

Manage your mental health by setting realistic goals. There’s no point committing to something that is unachievable or will put so much pressure on you that you feel like a failure. Spend some time considering your aspirations and make goals that are challenging, but possible for you to reach.

I like the idea of the daily three or five – keep the list simple and short can really help us to envision getting it done. And actually get it done.

You also need to set realistic goals when it comes to your self-care commitments. Add things to your routine that will work long term with your lifestyle.

With limited hours in the day, it can be nearly impossible to make time for self-care. These tips should help you incorporate self-care into our schedule, even as extra busy moms, so that wecan live life to the fullest.

4 self-care tips for extra busy moms
4 self-care tips for extra busy moms

Tell me: What are your favourite daily self-care tips?

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