Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS Awareness Month 2024

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Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by melissanreynolds

In honour of awareness month, I like to take a break from my regular educational content and work on the awareness part of my role.

fibromyalgia and ME/CFS awareness month 2024

For this month I have made several things to raise awareness for us.

I do this work so that no one has to live as long as I did with no help, information or support. To share what I learn in case it will help you in your journey in some way. I share it for those who can’t. For those who are barely making it through the day, for those who are house or bed bound. My hope is that the world and research will catch up and deliver you with answers. That we will all be healed. And in the meantime that there will be one more understanding ear and one less gaslighter.

This video shares what it’s really like to live with the main 3 symptoms of fibromyalgia

Blog post with sharable images

In the spirit of being transparent I want to share some truths to my experience with fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, orthostatic intolerance/POTS (we haven’t got official answers yet), endometriosis (for which I had excision surgery and hysterectomy) and interstitial cystitis. These are things I would love people in my life to know and I’m sure you’d like people in your life to know.

I’ve created many images to go with this post that you’re welcome to share on your social media if you wish.

truth of living with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS

Living with Fibromyalgia

I share some of the harder aspects of living with fibromyalgia and ME/CFS. If you’ve ever wanted to hear the real and raw downlow of living with these symptoms then this is the video for you.

This video covers a real and raw aspect of living with chronic illness

We have to make many decisions every day that impact our health. Some have more impact than others. I share what it’s like in this very personal video.

For everything I know about managing fibromyalgia and ME/CFS as well as possible catch my book

It’s essentially the shortcut through the 300+ blog posts here on the blog and 300+ videos on YouTube. Written to be as accessible as possible for the brain fogged mind. I hope it helps you.

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