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Last Updated on June 2, 2015 by melissanreynolds

There’s nothing like being very unwell to shake you out of complacency (or avoidance?!)

I knew I was struggling. It seemed like I had things in place to look after myself.

This is what it is to have a baby and work, I told myself. That I ought to be able to work four shorter days, take care of the baby, support the husband as he worked rotating shifts -fortnightly nightshift (working 830pm-6am, sleeping during the morning and an afternoon nap) and day (this means he’s gone 630am-6pm) shifts.

Sitting alone in the fast dimming edge of a day I spent unable to stand for more than a few minutes at time, I recall the rheumatologist I saw recently tell me it IS a lot. These things plus constant pain and exhaustion.

But what can I really do? These things can’t change too much.

I’m going to keep working on my immune system – high dose olive leaf, pro biotics (my GP recommended I take permanently) and maximising healthy foods using my smoothie maker. And rest more!

I will resign from the job that isn’t working and look for something more suitable.

My new physio is all about gradually increasing exercise, as if going from 20-40 minutes per day of walking toward an hour will decrease my pain – I’ve done the pushing myself for more and know the tightness and pain in my glutes, lower back and legs aren’t worth it. But I do think I need to build the Pilate’s back in, that really helps with my core, back and neck.

I’m also continuing to follow the mind/body connection thread in my reading.

It’s all a puzzle and I don’t think I’m doing too badly.

Gentle hugs, hoping for better news soon.

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  1. Christine says:

    I am currently waiting to head into a heated pool for physical therapy. It took me ten years, two kids and sinking into depression before I reached out for more help with a chronic pain specialist. We are attacking this awful disease with every modality and it helps to admit to oneself what is happening is actually happening. Hang in there. Gentle hugs.

  2. You might find some solace on my blog. I’ve been through chronic fatigue and I have a seven year old who is recovering from it. I look at at from the angle of why we disconnect with parts of ourselves which then affect the areas and systems of our body.

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