Essential Oils for Pain Relief and a Pain Cream I am Loving

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It was a good day for my new pain cream from Elizabeth at Bunguin Babies to arrive. I’d been experiencing very sore wrists and hands to the point that I could hardly function. The vacuuming had been torturous.
As I have recently said, I’m just beginning in my journey with essential oils and this cream – infused with essential oils – was a very good primer.
It has shown me that a simple, homemade cream can be a soothing, first-level pain relief option.
Essential Oils for Pain Relief

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Essential Oils for Pain

This quote from Healthline shows the benefit of lavender: “Researchers in a 2015 study found that lavender essential oil can be an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory.”
The article also lists further research around the benefits of essential oils and some things to note. One thing I’d mention, is that this article suggests we’re looking to alternative pain relief because medicine doesn’t work – I’d try alternative before medicines any day!
I’d been playing with lavender and chamomile- a delicious bath oil that I found soothed neck pain when applied. My theory of the essential oils is that they help reduce that top layer of pain first- the layer caused by the stress and fatigue of having the initial pain. This is also a theory I have about meditation.
The essential oils simultaneously massage the senses, particularly smell and soak into the skin to do their work.
Having a list of pain relief options is always a good idea. I utilise my heat pack constantly so that doesn’t need to be on my list. I also stretch often. But when the pain gets to distracting levels, I’ll start with essential oils.
Elizabeth, who sells home made pain cream through Bunguin Babies here and also blogs at Porcelain Fibromommy doesn’t recommend ingesting essential oils and I’d agree.

The Pain Cream

I have used this pain cream on my arms, hands, low back and neck. It feels soothing as you rub it in. And you don’t necessarily need to be able to rub it firmly if you’re too sore for it to work. This has become my first line of defense before I escalate to Deep Heat (a non medicated heat rub) or medicines.
It’s a very good start before you delve into essential oils yourself or if you just want a ready made option.
So head over to Bunguin Babies and get some for yourselves.

Essential Oils to Try

Being in New Zealand, not all of the brands that are available internationally, are available here, but I have found this brand – Edens Garden – and want to try them. They use pure, therapeutic grade oils (and were inspired by the beauty of my home country!)

Find my free printable report Essential Oils for Natural Health and my other reports here on the Resources page .

Peppermint – for headaches, nausea and general tummy upsets.

Lavender – for general calming, sleeping, and pain relief. Research has shown this to have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties – just what we need.

Lemon – helps with mood, house cleaning and nausea.

For a special mix set to get started they have lavender, peppermint and lemon together.

I just combine mine with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and apply to the area I need it, or put some in my bath or diffuser. There are so many ways to utilise these natural goodies.
Do you use essential oils? Can you please share your favourites?

For more information:

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