10 Free Gifts for You vs Chronic Pain and Fatigue

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Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by melissanreynolds

10 freebies for chronic illness fighters

I have been a busy little beaver this year. In addition to 50+ blog posts, 60 videos, a new email series for pregnancy and parenting with fibromyalgia and much more…I’ve created or refined 10 free gifts for you!

These were all created to support you in one part of your journey. Take what you need and use them. I’d appreciate if you use the share buttons on each page to let your friends know about them.

Complete Introduction to Fibromyalgia eBook

complete introduction to fibromyalgia ebook
Download and read immediately

Gentle Beginner Yoga for Fibromyalgia Class

Download and keep

Do I Need to be Flexible and Other Questions About Fibromyalgia eBook

do i need to be flexible and other questions about yoga

Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Download, keep and play

Body Scan Meditation

Free download

Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia Free Email Series

Active Challenge Planner

Plan and do your own challenge! (at whatever level you need)

Nervous System Support Challenge

Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue Free Series

free yoga for fibromyalgia series

Daily Health Habits for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

healthy habits worksheet

40% off the Ultimate Bundle of my Top 17 Paid Products

the ultimate melissa vs fibromyalgia bundle
Get 40% off for a limited time for this epic bundle with 17 of my best paid products including The 10 Minute Yoga Series and much more

With a cost of over $200 for them all sold separately, you can purchase separately (some you cannot), the value of this bundle is astronomical if you take them, use them and experience the benefits.

Here are just some of the resources included:

  • The 10 Minute Toolkit ($39)
  • Yoga Nidra Rest Habit ($49)
  • Melissa vs Fibromyalgia eBook & worksheet bundle
  • Pregnancy and Fibromyalgia eBook & worksheet bundle
  • LDN for Fibromyalgia eBook
  • My Ultimate Wellness Planning Kit
  • Get Some Sleep Micro Course
  • Make a Symptom Management Plan Micro Course
  • My Fibromyalgia Rescue Toolkit
  • The Pacer’s Organised Planning Kit
  • Get On Top Of Your Sleep Guided Diary
  • Check In Chart for Chronic Illness Daily Symptom Log
  • My Gratitude Practice Log
  • Affirmations for Chronic Illness Thrivers
  • The Paced Guide to Starting a Blog
  • My Paced Planner Printable
  • My Goals Planner Kit

Everything I create, whether here on the blog, paid or free, is all to support you in your journey. I hope that something here helps you make improvements.

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