The Spoonie’s Guide to Surviving the Holiday Season

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The holiday season can feel like a kick in the pants after a long year, can’t it? As a mama, who works part-time, has the majority of the holiday preparations on their to do list and much more, it feels overwhelming if we look at it all at once.

spoonies guide to managing the holiday season

As spoonie’s we must learn to plan well. I loved paced productivity. And this applies to the holiday season too.

Here are my best tips for surviving the holiday season

First – Get Started Early

I mean early. This year, I printed out My Christmas Gift List and My Kid’s Gift List in September. I have 10 little cousins to purchase for (and what a thing it is to think of new gift ideas for 10 small children of varying ages without knowing what they already own and not spending a fortune).

Another tip for you – I keep a gift box and every time there is a clearance sale at my favourite book and toy stores, I will grab a few things. This way I don’t have to shop for every single party and birthday that comes up. I usually save the cousins for one time as I like to give them something along the same theme, even if ages preclude the same thing. This year, I had something for each child in a Wishlist in a local store, from September, waiting for a good sale.

coping in the holiday season - lists
coping in the holiday season - lists

We also try to get the secret santa draws done as early as possible. My husband and I tend to end up with around four secret santas of varying cost allowances, so I like to keep on top of that too.

Second – Buy What You Can Online (and early)

Further to the above suggestion, avoid the shops during the busy times. I try to buy online where possible. For the most part, I avoid the stores in December. Or, I will go during the middle of the day when it’s less busy.

Here’s some inspiration for your gift lists:

Gift Ideas Guide

Christmas Gift Ideas for Chronic Illness Thrivers

Third – Pace Your Plans

The silly season doesn’t need to be silly. We can continue to practice pacing. It might not feel nice to slow things down, miss out at times or leave early. But it’s the best way to end up with any energy left for January. Keep to your boundaries and get your friends and family on board if possible.

If rest is what you need more of, try this FREE Yoga Nidra meditation I created for you. My recommendation is to try and fit in at least one practice a day. First thing in the morning, during the day, after work, after the children are in bed, before bed. Or even during the night if you’re stuck awake.

Take a look at your daily plans and ask yourself if you need to add one more rest? Do you even have a full stop rest break in there? I highly recommend having at least one!

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Fourth – Say NO Diligently

This follows on from number three. Say NO diligently, as needed. No can be a complete sentence. We simply cannot continue our every day life and then add all the to dos and events on top and expect to come out with enough energy to function.

If you realise you need more space to rest, look at what can go.

Fifth – Be Organised

This is more than just get on top of your gifts and get them early. Be intentional about the events and the seasonal to dos.

  • Choose which events are the most important for you
  • Look at how to make them more friendly for you (pre-plan how you will rest)
  • Plan your menus in advance
  • Get your Christmas cards sorted early (if you do them)
  • Spread out the wrapping of gifts

I created this Christmas Planner Printable Kit and it may be of help to you arranging this holiday season.

Sixth – Delegate Where Possible

Whether it’s the tasks of daily life or the additional holiday demands, see what you can delegate. Is now the time to invest in cleaning help, even once a fortnight for a little while? Can your partner or children take a little more of the house work?

surviving the holiday season

Seventh – Simplify

Simplify anything you can. Ask, is this necessary? Must it be done like this? Can it be done more easily?

Surviving the holiday season as a spoonie

It all comes down to trying to be proactive and giving yourself a little grace. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

These are my best tips, what are your best tips?

survivin the holiday season

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