Get On Top Of Your Life Symptom Tracker & Paced Planner

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Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by melissanreynolds

Introducing the love child of two of my journals: Get On Top Of Your Life! I’ve taken the Paced Planning Journal and the Get On Top of Your Pain and Fatigue Symptom Tracking Journal and popped them in a handy 90 day combo.

Use your symptom log to help you plan your day well. We want to avoid the boom-bust cycle and to use the energy we have well. This journal will help with that. It’s the perfect marriage of practical pacing and symptom tracking – both of which have been important parts of my improvements.

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A5 version

The cover

Woman holding book Get On Top of Your Life

The inside

It’s not super fancy or magical, the magic comes from you using it consistently and learning from the patterns that emerge.

Use your health log to guide your day plan

You choose which symptoms you are tracking at this time. Watch your sleep quality and quantity. Track your self-care, medicines, supplements and any important notes. I believe tracking our symptoms is a key part of our journey. Read more about that here.

health log inside

Then work on your day plan. Assign tasks as high or low energy, and place them where your energy is highest.

day plan

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