Inexpensive Items for Fibromyalgia My Top 9

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Today we are talking inexpensive items for fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I haven’t tried any very expensive items for managing pain.
We just don’t have the budget with all of my other vital costs. These items are inexpensive (around $30 and under) and make a huge difference to my quality of life.
A lot of them are things you can do yourself to manage pain, and I am a big fan of that.
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9 inexpensive items i use chronic pain

Without further ado, here are my nine inexpensive items for fibromyalgia and chronic pain…

Trigger point cane massager

This has been a great find for multiple reasons. The first of which is that my fingers can no longer massage my trigger point-laden neck. The second is that I can use it in any trigger point that I find. And the third is that I can more successfully treat trigger points at home. I still need to see the physiotherapist for intramuscular needles to release them, but this helps.

Self-Massage Roller Ball

A self-massage roller ball is a recent addition to my arsenal and I added because my physiotherapist has been using it on my lower body trigger points while I am pregnant and cannot use the ultrasound. Gentle massage in the direction of the muscle fibres makes a big difference. It also helps you get to those hard to reach spots yourself. 

Yoga mat

More often than not, I don’t use it as I’m indulging where I am, as I am – say, next to the kids playing and I drop to forward bend for a nice back release. But when I go into my room, close the door and roll out my mat, it’s practice time! Yoga is one of my favourite ways to manage pain, fatigue and generally exercise.


If you would like to try my yoga for chronic pain and fatigue five minutes a day for five days free challenge you can sign up here. These are the most inexpensive, reusable tools you can get!
Melissa on her yoga mat

Heat pack

I can’t live without this. When we went away to a house (once!) with no microwave, I tried so hard to use the oven with little luck. This is my favourite way to manage pain and my first line of defense, I haven’t had a day without using my heat pack in years.
Update: I have been loving on my electric heating pad! It is so great for switching on in the night as needed so I can go straight back to sleep!
Which do you prefer, electric or microwavable? 


Memory foam contoured pillow

When my neck is being more troublesome than usual, this is the only pillow I can use. I can’t really get a pillow shipped from the US so the link I provided is one that is very similar to the one I use, this also has a five year warranty (use that if needed!).


TENS machine

When I remember to get this out, I’m impressed. It helps release my back. However, I can’t tolerate it near my neck and that’s my usual issue. You attach small sticky dots to your muscles and choose a setting and level, then relax for the time you set it for. It’s like a really focused massage.


Swiss ball

When I am pregnant this was my best friend. I sit on it and do pelvic rocks or circles. Or I’d kneel on the floor and lean forward over it (letting my stomach chill at a slightly higher than table top position) – oh the relief. It’s also useful for exercise when you’re not pregnant, especially for core work. Remember to choose the right size for your height, being 5 foot 2 I use the 65cm, but most people will want to use the next size up. When using it for pregnancy you want to ensure that your hips are higher than your knees when sitting on it.
Swissball and foam roller
Swissball and foam roller
Fun fact: I have several yoga series for under $30 including Building Strength with the Chair and Gentle Stretch Bed Yoga series.

Foam roller

My foam roller is a very nice way to roll out tight, sore muscles in my upper thighs (on the floor on my side), lower back (standing against a wall) and upper back (standing against a wall). 
This article from Fed up with Fatigue blog should help you get started with foam rolling for fibromyalgia.
More reads to help you with fibromyalgia:


Deep Heat cream

This is one of my favourite creams for pain relief, aside from my essential oils, it is non-medicated and warming. Heat is my absolute favourite for treating pain. I go to bed with my heat pack and then apply Deep Heat when I wake around 3am to help release the muscles in my neck.


What items do you find useful for fighting Fibromyalgia?



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16 thoughts on “Inexpensive Items for Fibromyalgia My Top 9

  1. I like the thera cane too.
    But what I have recently found is the weighted blankets.

  2. I use all of these except the trigger point cane massager. I also use a lacrosse ball for certain body parts or for travel when the foam roller is too big. Plus I am a fan of epsom salt baths, magnesium Malays and magnesium lotion, and an essential oil blend for pain.

  3. fibrobutterfly says:

    I’m going to have to try the deep heat cream!

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