Seasons, Sourdough and the Sympathetic Nervous System: Update

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Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by melissanreynolds

I think there’s something to be said for seasonal influence. As Autumn closes in here in the southern hemisphere, I find myself winding down. It feels like the right time to have an operation and embark on an epic healing period.

seasons sourdough and the sympathetic nervous system

As I share as much information as possible for awareness month, including the brand new Fibromyalgia 101 free courses (more below), I am winding down projects in my work. From July I will be taking a leave of absence so that I can focus on my operation, recovery and my family.

I’m moving into a new phase of life.

Knowing what I know about the impact of stress, myofascial pain and the sympathetic nervous system on my body, I am expecting and hoping for significant improvements once the initial healing phase of post-surgery is done. Without the monthly stress of intense pain (and additional fatigue), I expect my central nervous system to calm down again. Thereby enabling the other symptoms to reduce. If I am careful and don’t keep trying to overdo it.

This period has been helping me to learn a lot more about the sympathetic nervous system and the dominance that occurs in fibromyalgia.

The top things I’ve learnt about the sympathetic nervous system are:

  • If I get significantly upset in the evening, I’m unlikely to attain deep sleep (sympathetic nervous system).
  • When we overdo treatment with the physiotherapist, I’m unlikely to attain deep sleep, nor feel nice the next day.
  • On the days we find the sweet spot, between enough treatment to reduce pain and not enough to make the sympathetic nervous system flare, my parasympathetic nervous system will happily bubble away (I yawn and yawn. This is a good sign.)
  • Yoga Nidra remains my top way to induce the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system), but some days it will take the first half of the meditation for my body to relax enough for the rest response to click on. If I’m too overtired and/or in too much pain, it may not happen.
  • The relationship between the myofascial pain and the sympathetic nervous system is complex and doesn’t always go the way you think it will. Each day we just do our best to make little, good decisions.

What’s new

In other news I’ve started a new sourdough starter using rye flour. It’s meant to be ideal for strong starters and it appears to be going well! We’ve enjoyed a couple of loaves now. I’m making up batches of soup rich in boned meat. Baking bread. Cleaning up. Getting organised. Doing Yoga Nidra meditations specifically for changes in season, Autumn, Winter and times of intense healing.

Also, I can’t even believe it’s the one year anniversary of my last book! Fibromyalgia Won’t Win is the most up to date compilation of my journey from moderate to mild fibromyalgia (according to the Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire Rating Scale) and everything I’ve tried and do. It’s my story to show you what a “normal” fibromyalgia journey looks like (long, arduous, but with hope) and I wrote it to help you get going on your journey.

I’m also re reading The Fibromanual by Doctor Ginevra as I am want to do. I periodically update myself as I find something new to consider every read. I’m also following her new series on YouTube, you might like to check it out. I have to consume everything she puts out as I believe she will find our answers.

What’s new here on the blog?

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Free courses!!

Fibromyalgia 101

Pain Management and Fibromyalgia 101

Sleep and Fibromyalgia 101

I hope they help you. Please do share them with anyone you think could benefit.

I’m also offering The Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue for a special discount during Awareness Month this year. Use the code FIBROAWARENESS and get 25% off during May 2023 only. I’d love to share the tools I use daily as part of my symptom management plan with you.

Use the code FIBROAWARENESS for 25% off during May 2023

As I spend more time at home with my littlest two, prepare for my operation, and then recover from it, I do hope to create more posts for you here. I’d love to hear from you what you specifically want to hear about. Do you enjoy the updates? Learning about a real person who’s doing their best to heal from chronic illness?

seasons sourdough and the sympathetic nervous system

Keep well.

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