The Morning with Four Children By Yourself with Fibromyalgia

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The morning is hard enough as it is. Adding four children. And no help makes it a mission.

how I get four small children ready in the morning with fibromyalgia

I find the morning so difficult. We have the first part down, it’s the getting the children into the car that eludes me. It’s like herding cats. So I’m not offering you this article as an expert, simply as someone who’s experienced.

It also needs to be noted that it’s much easier for me now that I am further along in my health journey. We must first work on our health before we can manage all the things. So I encourage you to work with your doctor and do some research. These tips may support you in the morning, and if you’re dealing with extreme fatigue, morning stiffness and pain, I really hope they help.

What Our Mornings Look Like

I get up 15 minutes before the children so I can have some quiet time with a cuppa and my heating pad.

After this, as the children slowly trickle out and get their breakfast, I finish off lunchboxes. This way I’m on hand to help if they need it. They are pretty independent at this point. If I give the two year old scrambled egg, he can sit down and eat it alone. The big three come out already dressed. I usually have to send the four year old back for a sweatshirt, for some reason, even in mid winter he will come out in a t-shirt.

While they are completing breakfast, I get dressed. And then dress the youngest.

At this point it’s a rush of teeth, shoes and in the car.

Getting into the car usually takes about three tantrums, one high level negotiation and six deep breaths on my part.

Unfortunately the big two have to be at school, 20 minutes away, by 8.30am. So it’s an early start. But we make it! Most mornings.

The things that help:

  1. Getting myself set up for the day.
  2. The big two wear uniforms so they don’t need to think about what to wear and we ensure it’s ready the night before. The four year old chooses his own clothes and he basically has a uniform of his own choosing.
  3. When the baby was small, I’d dress him in what I’d like him to wear the next day, the night before.
  4. Doing the main part of lunchboxes the night before.
  5. Doing the same things in the same order each morning so the children know what to expect.
  6. Teaching meal independence early.
how I get four small children ready in the morning with fibromyalgia

Getting Myself Set Up For The Day

I’ve shared about my morning routine in several places. But I have found value in getting up 15 minutes before the children so that I can ease into my day. It’s not perfect. I would love to be able to bounce out of bed at 5 and have a full exercise regime completed, with my clothes and face on by 7 when the children come out to greet me (with smiles on their faces, of course. But alas, I must work with what I have. It’s not easy, the children are often woken by my husband when he leaves at 6am. But we have taught them to go back to sleep or at least stay in their room quietly until 7am. Our magic get up time hour.

I sit with my heating pad, toast and coffee in the quiet. I watch the sunrise, do some deep breathing, read whatever book I’m obsessed with or respond to questions/comments on the blog/YouTube/Facebook groups. It’s my time and helps me face the day in a better state.

Learn more about morning routines here. And a morning yoga routine.

For 10, 10 minute gentle yoga classes that could fit into your morning routine, check out the 10 Minute Toolkit I created here.

the 10 minute toolkit

These are my small tips.

Is it fun doing it alone every morning? No. Do I have to do it anyway? Yes.

What are your best tips?

how I get four small children ready in the morning with fibromyalgia

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